Sunday, November 3, 2013

Module 5 Six Forces: Increasing Returns on Obsolete Technology’s Original Emergence

Module 5  



I rented my DVD from Block Bluster movie store. The competition between DVDs and Video-on-demand are examples of Red Queens Tetrad Technology.  The DVDs are obsolete and do not have efficient picture and sound quality. Many adopters have stopped using DVDs because they have become obsolete. The Movie -on Demand is listed on the Enhance criteria of the Tetrads because it has great picture and sound quality.  According to Thornburg (2008) Two technologies compete for the same space with similar benefits in the process. For example, Alice In Wonderland  discovers  herself in a strange world where she confronts the Red Queen (Carroll, 1946) . During the story, Alice and the Queen begin running as fast as they can, but they are in the same place. Alice says this is a very strange world. DVDs and Videos-on demand are located on McLuhan’s four criteria tetrad. DVDs are located on the obsolesces level while Video-on demand is located on the Enhances level that means amplification of pictures and sounds.


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Module 4 Disruptive Technologies

Second Life is used as disruptive technology because it changes the method of processing things. According to Thornburg Second Life has not been included in K-12 grades at this point. Second Life refers to virtual environments that are mostly used in Higher Education Levels like colleges and universities. Second Life replaced 3D movies where technology was viewed as three dimensional type pictures appeared as real life images. Thornburg (2009) discussed disruptive technologies as innovations that change how things are communicated. This innovation tends to emerge without notice to make previous technologies become obsolete. When new technologies emerge sometimes people are not trained to use these technologies and tend to lose their employment. In most instances changes in technology takes about a decade before new emerged technologies are available on the market. Second Life can change the way people engage in social networks by implementing ways to communicate with images in a virtual world.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Module 3 Rhymes of The Past

                                                  Betamax Camera (1975)

 Microfilm 1996

 News Papers

 Module 3 Blog Rhymes of The Past

One example of a technology that represents a rhyme of history would be the information revolution. The word revolution indicates instant and frequent change. This change could have been implemented over a course of decades. For example, newspapers or similar technology, like microfiches. However, revolution usually described changes in society. This could mean a cliché or changes in communication formed by society.

The new media of information became part of our changing society. This means that new media includes communication, which refers to technology, like cameras and videos. The media supports and helps the existing order of communication among educators who look for change based on their opinions. Dr. David Thornburg (2009) discussed how the force called rhymes of history demonstrated how patterns in society rekindled from the past are usually reinvented through technology to meet current needs.

Kelly’s concepts of embodiment, restructuring, and codependency represent how obsolete and emerging technology can represent the embodiment or features from past technology. Kelly also, described how obsolete technology can be restructured into new technology that provide benefits from the past with a codependency upon technology to provide specific services.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tetrads and Emerging Technology

Module 2

Two Tetrads: IPads and Computers in Classrooms

The obsolete tetrad helped enhanced understanding about the way technology became out dated by demonstrating the effective uses of technology in classrooms. When the uses become insufficient, the technology should be replaced. The power lens can become useful in an organization by observation and monitoring technology and recognizing when replacement is needed. My awareness of new technology was enhanced when an emerged technology became available for use.

According to McLuhan The tetrad is a way of investigating the effects on society of any technology that becomes obsolete. IPADS are replacing the use of computers in the classrooms because this technology is accessible and easy to manage in different environments. Students are able to carry the IPADS to different classrooms without difficulty. Also, students can use the IPADS to reference E-books. Many schools are using E-books instead of hard cover textbooks.

Students are excited about using iPads in school. Teachers, have stated their goals should be to ensure sure that students understand how these new technologies fit into the classrooms and curriculum. Some students will need some pre-training about using IPADS and making applications.

This technology implements new ways for students to learn subject skills by containing reference and electronic books in capacity for the student’s use. Students can work independently or one on one with another student. Students can maintain personal folders to file their work until needed for assignments. It appears that ipads have replaced computers in the classroom. Many schools have computer labs so students can work on subjects and complete research.

IPADS have similar functions that are associated with computers. However, computers are more difficult to manage and transport from different locations within the school. It is also more difficult for students to personalize their work and save it to folders on a computer. Students can get more organized by using IPADS and maintain organization by using ipads in classrooms. IPADS can help students to focus and remain engaged in learning skills. This technology will probably replace computers in the future.




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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Technology

Module 1

Thornburg and New Technology

As a futurist, I believe that new innovations are constantly emerging because the former technologies are consistently being replaced or upgraded. Smart Boards are currently being used in my classrooms. The Smart Boards are defined by innovation and provides an improved for students to learn subjects. Teachers and students enjoy this new way of learning by being collaborative and making applications. There have been some challenges with using this technology, like consistent repairs. Maintenance is a consistent need because this technology is sensitive because some people are not careful when using it.
Students enjoy demonstrating their subject applications on Smart Board, like Math calculations and explaining their equations to the class. Even students who are too shy in classrooms want to make applications on the Smart Board. Therefore, students are interested and motivated about learning with this interactive technology. The benefits of using the Smart Board are very effective in helping students to focus and learn subject skills. I believe the Smart Board should be upgraded to prevent the frequent maintenance repairs. Maybe if schools could afford more than two per school, this could a preventive measure.
Thornburg, D. D. (2008b). Emerging technologies and McLuhan's Laws of Media. Lake
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